Died today 31/03/2012: After a long and brave fight

Rainbow came to us a couple of months ago. She arrived with a wound created by her collar being caught up under her armpit. The wound is in a very awkward spot and healing has been a real struggle for her. She has endured 3 months with a "hoodie" so far and has had several attempts at stitching the wound, which was over 2 inches long.

Every day, twice a day she had to have medication and the wound has to be nursed with "hibi-scrub" which is like a veterinary witch hazel. This stings but despite this she always had high spirits, ate ravenously and was always pleased to see us, even though the look on her face changes as a child would when we treated her wound.

We owe a special thanks to the New Priory veterinary clinic, the vets involved and the nurses for all their help. They performed 5 operations in all and didn't charge us for the last few as they struggled to heal her leg. The staff at the vets had become very fond of Rainbow as they had looked after her from time to time and we were all very sad at her loss after a very brave fight.