Paula's cats

The very sad loss of Paula Reynolds of Lewes in June 2008 has left a hole in many lives, not least her little colony of feral cats that lived with Paula for 13 years in her back garden. no one knows from whence they came, however they lived an outdoor life with Paula for most of their lives and we had to go in and catch them all. There are six in all, one had disappeared some time ago.

The operation to catch them went on for a week. The first two were caught relatively quickly in the house. It is a very stressful thing to do, not just for the cats but for us. This took 2 hours of coaxing to accomplish. The others were trapped using humane cat traps which needed to be set and watched which meant many trips back and forth from Brighton. even though 2 traps were set it was usual that we only caught one at a time and the last cat to be caught took a couple of days. 


Once caught all of them were ferried to the vets for a check up. Due to their feral existence they weren't taken to vets in the past and  most needed dental treatment and other treatments which have so far cost us just over 1,000.

As the photos show, they are in no way feeling secure with their surroundings as yet. This may take months, the chances of homing these animals are remote due to their feral state. We are hoping they will settle and relax a bit more. In the meantime we have the responsibility and costs of maintaining Booboos, Notbooboos, Big Tiggy, greyscale, Blackie and ?? at the cattery probably for the rest of their lives.

We are asking people to help us by sponsor specifically for these cats. If you can help please phone us (01273) 606843 email here or leave us a donation below marking the entry "Paula"


Booboos and big tiggy


Big Tiggy (Blackie at the back)


In happier times: Taken two years ago in Paula's bedroom, Big Tiggy and Boobos in company