As a keen photographer I am always on the lookout for cuddly cats to photograph. I have always a plentiful supply these are a selection of previous cats either homeless or borders.

See if you can find this beauty in the kittens part of the website. it was great to see such a lovely cat emerge from one of our many homed kittens


This is his Mum!

One of the larger breeds, a maincoon. This chap comes to visit us on a regular basis

Mary, a recently homed bundle of joy, keeping her owner very happy

Another of our boarders. This cat has a friend who is almost identical.


"Big Jim" Likely to be the biggest and soppiest strays we have ever had.!

"Mani" one of our regular boarders - he was a bit big too!

Romani, a beautiful little chap


Occasionally we get a cat in with far too much fur!!

"Little Willy" not so little anymore. He resides at the cattery and is best friends with Lucky, our rather fat black boy who was lucky to survive the first few weeks of his life.

Kittens enjoying one of the sofas at the old house





We called this one "big foot" we even had an article in the Argus about it but they didn't print the picture!