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 This is the only way to ensure your cat doesn't have kittens or, if male, helps a female produce them! It is a policy the City Cat Shelter that cats are neutered to ensure minimising, where possible, suffering of unwanted animals. Cats can re-produce very quickly and, of course, unchecked off-spring will re-produce exasperating a big problem in all cities. Neutering can be done through the Cat Shelter at reduced rate. Cat Welfare make up the difference in cost helping those with financial difficulty to get there cat neutered. Therefore neutering cost begins from

Exploding a myth

Some people think that neutering an animal is cruel and it is healthy to give a female at least one litter of kittens. This is not true. Cats lose their desire and frustrations to go and find a mate. So many cats go missing when they go on heat and that in itself causes distress and cats can get run over in unfamiliar territory. All our cats go out neutered and we have NEVER witnessed a cat suffering any adverse personality problems or distress as a result of surgery. Cats continue to be loving and affectionate and become more settled. The other point about allowing a cat to have one litter is the procreation rate of cats is high. Some cats can have upwards of SEVEN kittens. This is seven extra lives to look out for and if this myth perpetuates along seven kittens in another six months they can produce similar numbers. Some never make it and it is heart-breaking in the extreme to watch little helpless kittens die. One litter of seven has the potential to grow to FORTY SEVEN kittens OR MORE within just a year.

Cats can have very fulfilling lives with their owners and other animals without having kittens. Queens often degenerate after having kittens, their growth can be stunted and can suffer other complications, some even die during or soon after labour. Multi-birth cats that we have had in are hardly ever in a good state of health. Is that worth the risk?

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