5 steps to help locate your cat.

Step 1. Check outhouses and gardens. It may be that your cat has been shut in somewhere. Go door to door in your area.
Step 2. Prepare a poster and print out several. Staple them to trees or lampposts and put in local shops. If weather looks like rain put in upside down plastic sleeves 
Step 3. Contact local vets

New Priory

Top Cat Veterinary Centre

PDSA PetAid Hospitals

Coastway Veterinary Group

Grove Lodge Veterinary Group

The Deneway, 146, Mackie Avenue
2, Robertson Rd,
74 Warren Road,
104, Preston Drove,
Tel: 540430 Tel: 504800 Tel: 566595 Tel: 684999 Tel: 558838
Step 4. Contact rescue centres:    Lost Cats Brighton   RSPCA Brighton:  
  Tel: 422 721
Mobile:  07990812669
  Tel: 554218  
Step 5. Fill out the form below and we can add the cat to our lost and found book. Please visit the other links and leave details there:

 Location your cat lives:     

 House Number and name          


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 Contact number     

  Location your cat was lost (if different):  


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      Was your cat wearing a Collar        Was your cat Micro-chipped  

                 Was your cat Neutered  

                 What colour is your cat                  Sex: 

 What type of fur has your cat got?     How old is your cat

 Any other distinguishing features: Anything unique  or other information that could help identify your cat: