Lilly Sally and Sunny

This has been a difficult page to start, after I lost Billy I adopted 2 cats from the cattery. One, Sally was born with two others in a hedge and they had to be trapped and so spent the first valuable months without Human company making her very nervous. Her Brother and Sister were adopted leaving her on her own, a sad sight as she gradually became more depressed, withdrawn and ill. Knowing that Lilly and I had a big gap in our lives I decided to take her on. For the first two moths I lived at the cattery in a small room. A few weeks passed and Sunny brought himself to my attention. He was very depressed and deteriorated to a degree that I was scared for his life. He was about 6 months old. He hadn't learnt how to play or interact with anyone or any of the other cats, just sitting behind his Mother the whole time. When she found a home he was a lost soul. I found myself cuddling him every evening and morning. It seemed I was the only one he felt safe enough with. He laid in my arms and just gazed at me with huge eyes, an irresistible sight. and so it was that I adopted little sunny too, it was just as well....

Meet the family


This is Lilly Sunny and Sally. On the right hand photo sally is on the right, Sunny on the left and Lilly is in the middle.

The left hand photo shows them waiting for the laser pen light to chase up the front door.

Top right - I just missed them laying snoring together. When I get the camera out they often stop posing for me making things difficult, often I just watch.



Ok, I admit it. My three are hounded by the paparazzi ie: me I snap them when they aren't looking, when they are and many times in between. I have a total of 576 photos of the trio taken over just 18months! Here is one for OK magazine, catching the stars unawares


Of course stars often pose, after all it helps with their careers, or in this case helps me get the shot I want so they can have dinner earlier




But after a tiring days shooting stars can get a little fickle and start playing up making the photographers work harder (Or easier if you like taking silly shots, which I do!



It is likely that stars will gel together in their fast living and hard working atmosphere of modelling and film making Sally and Sunny are no exception. It was not surprising that the young stars became star-struck with each other and although I would never out them in newspapers I have grabbed some clandestine shots of them canoodling, mostly on the settee.




After a long days shooting the stars enjoy their own time to relax. It is clear who spends most of his time having a rest. (That's not quite fair, Sally hides behind the curtains most of the time




It is often thought that staying with someone for a long time makes you behave in similar ways, I guess the closeness of working, eating and relaxing together has paid its toll

Although some people can relax a little too much and as a star one has to think of ones career, luckily the controversy was short lived and Sally continues to model and make films despite her wayward antics!



Tensions can mount on those hard working days in front of the lens. As anyone who works with potential Premodona's will tell you petty tiffs can lead to fracas and this is not good for the make up department. The stars assure me its all in good fun and often follow a fight with a mutual washing of ears.


Watching Tele

Of course, it is important that stars keep up with current affairs and what better program to keep up to date, no not Jeremy Paxman and Newsnight but with Bill Oddie and his great program on birds. Sunny likes nothing more than to settle in with a tinny and watch all the birds go by.


That's about it on our journey through the lives of my flatmates. Hope you have enjoyed it. There is just enough time to say its good night from me

and its goodnight from him,