Claw clipping for cats

Working in association with CityCatShelter.com I aim to provide a service to cats and their owners to reduce stress and cost for claw clipping and knot removal and fur tidying and other jobs associated with cat ownership.


I work in the owners own home or at the cattery. Cats that board get a discount based on lack of my travel costs. I specialise in cats with feisty natures, semi-ferals. Quite often the stress of a general anaesthetic or just the journey is enough for some cats. I approach cats with a soft touch and allow them time to relax in their own environment whilst being treated. This could be a simple task like applying Stronghold for people that are unable to get hold of their cats.


Bio: Louise:


I have worked with CityCatShelter as a main volunteer for 10 years, previous to this I have worked at Raystede and the RSPCA. I have also worked with farm animals and have 3 of my own cats you can view here. Sally is, or was, feral. Sunny was an extremely nervous chap and I have had the great pleasure of building up their confidence and well being with me here.


I have a very calm and gently confident approach to cats which often results in the cats being far calmer than the owners would have ever imagined. This is not a guarantee that other measures will be needed but I have never had, thus far, to refer a cat to a vet because I can’t manage its behaviour







Claw clipping

·               £10:00 for one cat, £3:00 for additional cats. Nb: catching of additional cats that have been hidden may raise cost up to max £8 depending on how long it take


Knots removal and tidying (Inc. Soiled fur and aft clearance)

· Starts at £10:00 per cat. Again, here I am trying to keep your cost down and this sum will rise depending on workload but this well be discussed first, never usually more than £45:00 for deep knots

· It may be that some more intense grooming has to be done at the cattery


Application of medication

· Stronghold — free with all other service — you must supply your own medication

· £10:00 for callout

Friendly chat

· Cup of tea — nb: if I have time!