City Cat Shelter is a purely voluntarily run cattery. We are often in need of practical help as well as donations which allow the cattery to do so much work for the community of Brighton and surrounding area. It is very difficult to statistically state the catteries work, many cats are neutered and homed on a weekly basis. The vets bill can run close to 1,000 every month , each month. What is even harder to quantify is the reduction of suffering of unwanted cats and kittens.  City Cat Shelter Need help in raising money as well as the practical help given by our helpful volunteers. If anyone has an idea to raise money please don't hesitate to contact us. We are a local concern, helping to give cats a better life and keeping as low as possible the numbers of unwanted kittens through a progressive neutering campaign in conjunction with Cat Welfare.

Simply raising awareness of our work could help, we offer help for neutering with those on benefits and we need funding to enable us to help those people improve the lives of their cats. So, if you aren't able to make donations or help practically just spreading the word will help cats in need in our city, which is our main aim.

For information on how to help phone (01273)606843

WANTED LIST - We need things to sell


         - ANNETTE HUGHES is still pleased to accept good, CLEAN clothes.

-          Annette needs a shallow, glass top and front display cabinet for displaying jewellery, if anyone has one we would be most grateful.

           Annette raises money for the City Cat Shelter. Ring her on Worthing (01903) 233324. Annette is in Brighton/Hove a lot so, in general, can collect. If not, things can come to the cattery for passing to Annette.



Fancy doing some fund-raising? Here are some dates when Cat Welfare will be tin-rattling and doing sales over the next few month. Download and print the form and post it in. We will need proof of identification for anyone collecting on our behalf according to charity regulations.

Please note that these events raise money for more than just the city cat shelter but Cat Welfare who supports a number of other rescue centers' and the cat neutering program in Sussex.

For more details  on fundraising please telephone 01273 725943