City Cat Shelter is undoubtedly Brighton's number-one implement of cat welfare's neutering programme. The cattery homes approximately 250 unwanted cats per year. It is run purely by voluntary donation and volunteers without whom the project would be impossible

Please help us continue our work. All money donated goes straight to the benefit of the cats. We have no head office, no marketing strategy dept. no paid workers or CEO. This means that every penny we are able to get will go to either the work we do at the cattery or the work we do in the community neutering, micro-chipping and offering advise. the workload is non-stop 7 days a week. It also means we have a great debt of gratitude to those that go out in all weathers and fundraise for us, look after the cats here, in situ by enabling neutering and advice for people in their homes. Visiting vulnerable people to ensure they can look after their cat(s) in the best possible way. We never put to sleep any cat unless illness makes it a humane necessity and we therefore have a lot of cats who require expensive, long-term medication

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Below: Our promotional films, on our shared You Tube Channel please share. One an overview of the site and cats and the second a mini-documentary about our work by one of our supporters



Dreamies - Derek visits City Cat Shelter in Sussex to spread Dreamies cheer from Daniel Fernandes on Vimeo.

We would love you to share your photos and experiences with other cat shelter customers. keep friends of the cattery  up to date with what your cat is doing. We can't use Facebook to receive requests. Please use the number and Email on this website but do upload, swap stories and have fun..

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Kittycat- a colleague in Turkey- amazing work!

Lost cats Brighton

Local Lost and found cat register

How can I help?


National Lost and found website


A rescued semi-feral colony

Long Lost

A site for cats lost for more than 6 months

Sylvester gets a new Home

Do you want to see something really scary?

Dubrovnik Animal Rescue


What about a calendar? Some of the inmates 9.99+postage


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fancy a tattoo? Magnus Opus is the place to go.
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Need to transport a horse? Luxury travel in an up-to-date transporter


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My Moggies - have a look at my own cats bio . They are all rescue cats and give me an inordinate amount of pleasure




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