2003 saw an expansion a new shed was put up "Langdale" I was not able to help out with that one but I have tiled the inside and prepared it for new cages which will be built in the near future. Also, an area has been built in the garage to house incomers to try to isolate cat flu should a cat come in carrying.

"Billy Shed" named in memory of my boy



The elderly cats can now enjoy the outdoors with a run built this year. This has extended their recreation area considerably.

This run ended up becoming a symbol for me of Billy's, (my 2 1/2 and a half year old) cats life. He died a two months after this run was finished. I have many happy memories of him playing cheerfully nearby as I built it. He has left his indelible mark in the cement and on me...

For Billy 10-08-2004